Jumbo versions

  • v0.4.4 - 21/10/2018: Bug fixes

    • Storage pool creation for libvirt at Jumbo installation (issue #7)
    • Minor fixes
  • v0.4.3 - 29/09/2018: Versions and repositories management

    • New file versions.json to manage software versions and repositories used for cluster provisioning
    • Remove command setrepo as it is handled by versions.json
  • v0.4.2 - 12/07/2018: Templates for clusters

    • New option for create command: --template
  • v0.4.1 - 05/06/2018: Vagrant commands integration and -r tag for addservice

    • New commands: start, stop, restart, status to interact with the cluster directly within Jumbo
    • New tag --recursive for addservice to add a service and all its dependencies
  • v0.4 - 17/05/2018: Kerberos support and unit tests

    • Unit tests for: code execution, generated files (Vagrantfile, playbooks)
    • Minor fixes
    • Support for new services: KERBEROS
    • v0.4.0.1: Change version tags (1._ -> 0._)
  • v0.3 - 09/05/18: Support for HDFS and YARN in HA and Free IPA support

    • Support for new service: FREEIPA
    • High Availability support for: HDFS, YARN
    • v0.3.1: Hotfix FreeIPA install
  • v0.2 - 04/05/18: Support for Spark2 and Zeppelin and minor improvements

    • Support custom URLs for the Ambari repository and the VDF of HDP with command seturl
    • New list listservices with services states (complete or not)
    • Better looking lists
    • Standardized command names
    • Support for new services: SPARK2, ZEPPELIN
  • v0.1 - 27/04/18: First stable release

Underlying tools versions

By default, Jumbo uses these versions for the tools that it coordinates.
Some versions can be easily changed as detailed in the Advanced usage section.


Vagrant box: centos/7 (32 GB of disk per VM)

Vagrant providers available:

  • libvirt (default)
  • VirtualBox (if libvirt not available)


The latest stable release of Ansible is auto-provisioned by Vagrant on vagrant up.


The version 10 of PostgreSQL is used by default.

Ambari and HDP

Postgre JDBC Driver: