Service commands

Add service

Command: addservice <name>

Add a service to a cluster and install the service's clients on all nodes. By default, also auto-install the service's components on the best fitting hosts.
The list of the services is available in the Supported services section.


  • --cluster or -c - The cluster to which the service should be added.
  • --no-auto - Avoid the auto-installation of the components. Only the clients will be installed. See addcomponent for manual component installation.
  • --ha or -h - Install the service in High Availability mode. Not available for all services (list here).
  • --recursive or -r - Also install all the service's dependencies (components and services).

Check service

Command: checkservice <name>

Check if a service is complete (if all the components needed for it to be functional are installed) on a cluster. If not, a list of the missing components is given.


  • --cluster or -c - The cluster on which to check the service.

List services

Command: listservices

List all the services installed on a cluster and their status. The services' names are colored:

  • green = service complete
  • orange = service missing a few components
  • red = service missing a lot of components If a service misses components, they are listed.


  • --cluster or -c - The cluster in which the service should be deleted.

Remove service

Command: rmservice <name>

Remove a service and all its components of a cluster. A service cannot be deleted if other services depend on it.


  • --cluster or -c - The cluster in which the service should be deleted.
  • --force or -f - Avoid the confirmation prompt.