Jumbo CLI

In this section you will find all the commands available in the Jumbo CLI to manipulate:

There are two ways of using the CLI:

  • By typing each command individually with jumbo <command> in your terminal;
  • By entering the Jumbo shell.

We recommand using the shell, because it makes commands lighter and optimizes data loading. However it is sometimes not possible to enter a shell (e.g. in bash scripts).

Using the Jumbo shell

You can enter the jumbo shell with the command jumbo. The principal advantage of the shell is that it allows to set the Jumbo context to a sepcific cluster.
Once the context is set to a cluster, all the commands will be applied to that cluster without having to specify it with the --cluster tag.

Not using the Jumbo shell

In this case, it is not possible to set a context. For every node or service command, it is necessary to specify the cluster with the tag --cluster.